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Hot Leaf Salad Seedbombs

£ 9.95 
Fresh leaves, bright flowers and flavoursome foliage will explode from this seedbomb! Mizuna, nasturtiums, garlic chives and rocket will add bite to your window box and heat to your summer salads. Seedbombs cocoon the seeds protecting them from the elements while our unique espresso mushroom compost nourishes them and gets them growing! These seedbombs really do pack a punch, with almost 100 seeds inside. There are six handmade and individually-wrapped seedbombs each containing: mizuna, nasturtiums, garlic chives and rocket seeds, all carefully blended with clay and Espresso Mushroom compost. They’re perfect for people who like to dabble with their home grown greens but don’t have too much space to play with.. Grown (and eaten) in four simple steps: 1. Throw Drop your seedbomb wherever you like: window-box, tree pit or a corner of your garden. Spring to Autumn is best, but if you launch it early, the seedbomb will remain dormant until the time is right. 2. Grow Leave nature to do its thing. The seedbomb will retain moisture allowing the seeds to germinate and grow. 3. Nurture Watch your seedlings emerge and grow! Water them regularly and thin if they look too crowded. 4. Harvest Keep an eye on your leaves and take a snip whenever you want to freshen up your salad. Free UK Delivery for all orders over £15. Spend over £50 on any of our products and receive 10% off your total purchase!
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