Mushroom time lapse – Kitchen Garden in action!

November 3, 2021

Watch our amazing mushroom time-lapse video – Espresso Mushroom Company’s Kitchen Garden mushroom kit growing beautiful oyster mushrooms in just two weeks.

This amazing mushroom time-lapse video was filmed in less than two weeks and shows a bouquet of hundreds of mini mushrooms growing from upcycled coffee grounds that we’ve used to create our simple and reliable, ready to use mushroom growboxes.
As many of you will know already, the kits are a great treat for you and your kids, and a perfect gift for green-fingered foodies and garden-deprived city dwellers alike. Just find a light airy spot, follow these four simple steps: Open up – Water – Grow – Harvest and two weeks later you’ll be making your own steps 5 and 6 – cooking and eating!

We’re a small team of coffee drinking food lovers who started Espresso Mushroom Company about 18 months ago and never tire of watching the mushrooms growing. Each one is unique with beautiful shapes, colours and of course taste, so we hope this video helps to share that excitement we feel whenever when we arrive at the farm in the morning and can see how much the mushrooms have grown over night. Even at the office during a long day you can see the progress the mushrooms make in just 12 hours – giving us plenty of time to cook up a new recipes for them – have a look at some of our mushroom recipes on our site.

The Kitchen Gardens are handmade in Sussex. We collect coffee grounds locally, carefully prepare each batch of kits where we monitor each one and send it out when ready to grow. We are 100% confident in our product so if for any reason it does not perform as described we will happily replace it.

This really is the environmental gift that keeps giving – once you’ve finished growing mushrooms, you’re left with nutrient rich soil enhancer. Just empty the compost from growbag, break it up and sprinkle into pots of houseplants or onto flowerbeds for them to enjoy too!

Let us know what you think of the video, and please share it with your friends (unless you’re planning to buy one for them as a surprise gift!)

Many thanks to Juanan from Zeroo Gravity Films for creating this time lapse video for  Espresso Mushroom Company – he did a fantastic job nurturing this mushroom kit to grow in such a textbook!

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