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About us

Meet Team EMC. We are a group of eco-minded coffee-lovers who wanted to do something a little different to make the world a lot better. We're dedicated to bringing you the ultimate in fresh, local and sustainable products. We’re committed to achieving environmental and social benefits in local communities by growing our mushrooms on recycled coffee grounds.

Our aim at Espresso Mushroom Co. is to be the go-to brand for environmental and socially responsible mushrooms, coffee and other sustainable products. To achieve this our production process makes use of entirely recycled materials, from growing substrate to packaging. Our gift range and dried food products are next level quality made using ethical production methods. We deliver a fun DIY growing experience to you with our Kitchen Gardens and enhanced, flavoursome dishes with our dried food range. Oh, we're also making you look great too with our range of recycled cork wallets and purses - allowing you to accessorise ethically! As not only an environmentally responsible organisation but one that is also socially responsible, we collaborate closely with our partners over at Urban Mushrooms. Working with and donating our profits to the social enterprise, we enable them to provide training and employment opportunities to disadvantaged young people who are furthest from the labour market through the cultivation of mushrooms.Who are we?
Our values make us who we are: We are Sustainable. We care for our planet and believe in being part of a sustainable world. That's why all of our products use upcycled waste and recycled materials.

Who we are

Our values make us who we are:

We are Socially Responsible. We want our community to thrive. We’re working with Urban Mushrooms to provide training and employment opportunities to disadvantaged young people using mushroom cultivation as the vehicle to do so.

We are Innovative. We’re growing innovative solutions to create sustainable products and tackle youth unemployment.

We are Passionate. We are passionate in all we do and give our all to ensure we deliver innovative solutions to create a sustainable and socially responsible future.

We are Together. We are coming together with local businesses, nonprofits and young people to create a community that cares.

We are Critical Thinkers. We take time to think logically to make sure we make the best decisions for our organisation and our people.

We are Transparent. We strive for a culture of transparency so that all our people can see the work we do.

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